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Tired of not finding the right words, or facts, to successfully stand for your beliefs? Do you become emotional during a debate? Are you fearful of rejection? Perhaps on the defensive, and not the offensive?

When you stand for traditional principles are you labeled "hateful?" Do you feel unsafe because you speak the truth? Are you frustrated? Perhaps looking for sane people? You are not alone.

Be joyful again with the Stop Movement. First, know your opponents' strategies. It's essential to winning. Uphold the economic principles of this nation, plus stand for traditional social policies.

The other side fears you and your beliefs. Second, know their goal is to silence you. They do so by redefining diversity.

They use Marxist strategies such as contrived "chaos" in the everyday education of the American public.

Enforced diversity addiction has worked and America is now thriving in victimization and entitlement thinking that is transforming this nation in record breaking time.

Third, take a Stop the Compromise workshop that reveal the subversive methods and principles used in government, workplaces, churches, and homes across America.

White Privilege and The Wheel of Oppression all day conference is available at Eagle Eye Education Center. This will truly open your eyes to what has changed America and for the worse.

Fourth, learn STOP thinking that will enable you to calmly state God's authority, natural law, and the Constitution ( authentic rule of law ) and leave your opponents with "food" for thought.

The workshops are geared for 12 plus ages and all levels of education.They are useful for home study, education conferences, workplaces, government, and churches.

Special rate for groups. Required material is book Stop the Compromise in Ten Easy Steps: A Return to Authentic Rule of Law.

Georgiana Preskar is available for speaking engagements. Contact at georgiana

Please contact Georgiana about workshop and speaking information by filling out and clicking on the contact form. You'll "be happy" you did.